WARNING: Withdrawal can often be more dangerous than continuing on a medication. Please click here before discontinuing any prescription abruptly.

Stories most recently submitted,are listed first.

ICFDA Survivor Stories 2003


Addictive Problems with Viagra

"Viagra cost me a marriage of 45 years, my home, the respect of my family and the full use and enjoyment of a healthy normal life."


Zoloft Nightmare

"(Because of Zoloft) I was in prison and had lost my family, all of my property, my Ph.D."


An Answer to Our Nightmare on Paxil

"I feel like I am on a crusade to help prevent another family and child from going through this experience."


Sturggling to Withdraw from Paxil

"Thanks for everything you're doing to help people like me and for working so hard to get these drugs off the market."


Serotonergic Poisoning on Paxil

"My teeth no longer feel like my teeth and I have horrible electrical feelings in my mouth."


Confused on Desipramine

"...(I) could not understand the English that was coming out of my mouth, and about every third word my wife was saying."


Effexor Survivor

" I was taking Effexor into about my second week when I tried to commit suicide."


Psychiatric drugs - Long path of uncertainty.

"Through all the experiences with these drugs, I think they should be banned. I don’t believe a one of them helped me in the long run."


Student's Life Destroyed on Prozac

"(After begging my doctor to put me on Prozac,) I just felt insane. I felt like screaming, tearing my clothes off and running around like a madman."


For the first time I know I am not nuts!

“I’ve been on Zoloft for about a year and a half and I’ve hated every day of it.”


Seroxat Ex-user Story

"I simply cannot believe that so many people can be struggling to stay alive as a result of this drug without GSK knowing (and possibly suppressing) the results of their trials..."


My 10-year Nightmare Started with Prozac

"My mental and many physical disorders were caused primarily by the medication I was given by my doctors. I lost 10 years of my life."


A Paxil Withdrawal Success Story

"The Paxil was altering the way I thought - my thought processes were not me."


Horror story of forced drugging

"It seemed that the more medicine they used, the worse he got."


Cold turkeyed off Effexor and Etrafon

"I continue to cite your book to all I can reach. I believe in you, and thank you so very much!"


12 drugs in 4 years caused near fatal effects

"Within 4 days of starting Paxil I was experiencing racing thoughts and was extremely suicidal."


16-Year Old Has Violent Nightmares on Paxil and Effexor, Takes Rifle to School

"The first day he took his 300 mgs is also the day he walked into school with a rifle. He fortunately gave up the rifle, before harming himself or others."


CNS Damage While on Paxil

"In trying to get off Paxil, I experienced explosive anger, rage, uncontrolled weeping..."


A 16-Year Old Tells of Suicidal Attempts on SSRIs

"I have thoughts of wanting to hurt people, and I have never been a violent person."


Victimized, tortured and abused in Psychiatric Care

"To all those who read my story, there is hope, and don't give up until you've won."


Prozac and Klonopin problems

"Please pray for me as songs run though my head like there is a tuning fork in it."


Effexor XR nearly ruined my life

"Effexor ...caused me SEVERE menstrual bleeding and clotting."


11-Year Old Becomes Violent on Paxil

"We will never know the extent of the damage done."


Suicide and anti-depressants

"The medications didn't help at all I feel like they worsened my depression."


I Lost My Son to Paxil

"He died 6 months after first starting Paxil -we are devastated."


Celexa-Tileptol Side effects

"I blacked out behind the wheel of my truck and went left of center, hitting another truck head on."


My life ruined by Prozac

"Before these meds she was stubborn but not psychotic."


16-Year Old Tells Her Story on SSRIs

"...don’t become another victim of the SSRI LIES."


Paxil Withdrawals were Horrible

"I am devastated to think that I will have to continue to take these medications for the rest of my life or to go through the horrific withdrawals."


One Month on Celexa, Son Kills Himself

"I believe that CELEXA caused my son to become suicidal. My research into the adverse effects of SSRIs has strengthened that belief."


Being Depressed was Better

"Please keep me in your prayers and don’t take Paxil."


Drug Dilemma

"(My sons) have been afflicted with Prozac, Zoloft, and some other SSRI's that have caused them to become obese, stupefied, and are developing breasts as a result of side affects."


Three Hellish Days on Cipramil (Celexa)

"I woke up having the most horrendous panic attack I've ever had in my life. I was going out of my mind, the walls and floors were morphing into my body, my torso felt like it was on fire with an icy heat, my chest was bursting..."


Prozac Dose Increased to 40mg, Dad Kills Himself

"Please, Senators put a stop to wide spread use of SSRI's, because death is forever"


My Son's Suicide

"His doctor put him on Paxil. after several months of Paxil. He committed suicide with a single gun shot wound to the head."


Prozac Suicide

He said he felt as if he was coming out of his skin, like someone was behind him 24 hrs a day terrifying him.


Withdrawal Problems--Doctor Says It Couldn't be Paxil

"Word needs to given to the doctors and their patients what to expect if you start taking this drug."


Son Commits Suicide on Paxil

"...the drug that was given to him destroyed his life COMPLETELY!!!!!!! "


14-Year Takes His Own Life on Prozac

"My son didn’t want to be on this drug. He claimed it made him feel “weird”.


A Note of Caution About Psychiatric Medications for Symptoms of Depression

"I now believe my daughter died as a direct result of taking antidepressant medications."


My Experiences on Zoloft and Paxil

"The good little voice in my head is being blown away by the bad voice."


Paxil suicide

"...we were devastated by his suicide."


Our Politicians Have to Do Something

"Heaven help us all."


Trust in God, Not in the Drugs

"I believed that Satan was living in me."


I Withdrew Successfully from Paxil

"I was able to finally completely wean myself from this medication using (Dr. Tracy's) instructions..."


Zoloft Hell

"I knew I had to get off of this drug to save my sanity."


Frightened by Violent Thoughts on Paxil

"...in my mind’s eye I saw myself committing suicide by cutting my wrists."


Our Daughter's Tragic Suicide on Zoloft

"After 6 days on the drug, she hung herself in the garage."


Prozac destroyed my life

"I wish that the Public could be warned against this horrible drug."


My Daughter's Attempted Suicide on SSRIs

"I have lost count of how many times she has tried to kill herself in the last three years..."


Feel Permanently Brain Damaged on SSRIs

"It worries me that I have permanently damaged my mind with this drug..."


Thoughts of Harming Myself on Zoloft

"They are NUTS---not habit forming?!"


Continuing "Brain Shivers" Withdrawing from Paxil

:...one does not just "stop" taking a serotonin reuptake drug."


Depersonalization due to Zoloft

"...(I was) feeling like I was going to come out of my skin or kill myself."


12-Year's Suicide on Paxil

"Please do something now to stop more deaths..."


I Beat Paxil with God's Help

"I lay like a fetus and cried with pain getting off the drug."


Glad I Never Took Paxil, Prozac, or Any Other SSRI

"I’m floored by the way the psychiatric profession shrugs off SSRI-related violence, suicide and other problems."


Debilitated on Effexor

"Please help stop this poisoning."


Effexor XR Causes "Buzzing and Jolts"

"How could this drug be sanctioned by the FDA in the first place?"


A marriage made in heaven, ended in hell

“I do admit I hold bitterness toward the profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies who have no concern for people’s lives and to the medical profession in general who seem to pass out these drugs like they’re candy.”


Hopeless on Prozac

“Prozac sent my emotions to an extreme lower depth that I could think of nothing but making the feelings stop.”


Vail of medications

“The veil that is lifted when I quit taking them is overwhelming.”


Disaffected Australian Aropax consumer

“…good thing I’ve too numbed to be frightened anymore.”


Prozac—A Vicious Drug

“Please, do something about this drug. It needs to be taken of the market.”


Paxil almost took my life

“Never just stop.”


The Tragic Death of my Friend of 25 Years Due to Prozac

“…the Zoloft brought suicidal thoughts in like wildfire into my brain.”


Paxil Suicide

“…he doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire.”


Sudden Withdrawal on Effexor

“I have attempted suicide 3 times now, maybe the fourth will be the charm because this life is not life, it is a tortuous hell, that leaves little to live for.”


The Effexor Nightmare

“The drug company should have let us known that this could happen to us.”


Eric's story

“His medication was changed to Paxil and this was really bad for him.”


Prozac and how it made me try to commit suicide

“I hope the government will take Prozac off the market.”


Suicide Attempts on Aropax

“Thank you for being an organization that is helping me (and thousands of others).”


Can’t Get Off Paxil

“This should never been released until all tests were in.”


Our Testimony Before Congress

“We would like to tell Congress how dangerous [Paxil] is and how it almost ruined our lives.”


A Teenager’s Story

“My very first dosage of Effexor I ever took, I felt a gurgling in my head, and that has been there ever since."


12-Year Old Attempts Suicide on Luvox

“He honestly did not know that his actions could kill him.”


Another horrible Paxil story

“We will never get over this horrible nightmare.”