SSRI Washington DC Protest, 8/24-26, 2005

Among those in attendance at the recent August protest in Washington, D.C. were survivors of S.S.R.I. suicide victims; parents of children who committed S.S.R.I. homicides and are now imprisoned; survivors of hellish S.S.R.I. withdrawals; wives whose husbands left their families as a result of S.S.R.I. personality changes; Dr. Ann Blake Tracy author of Prozac Panacea or Pandora; Linda Hurcombe, author of Losing A Child, whose daughter committed suicide on Prozac; the famous artist James Torlakson, brother of California Senator Tom Torlakson, who lost his daughter in a Celexa-induced suicide, and a young Columbine survivor who was shot 7 - 13 times mainly in the chest by Eric Harris on Luvox.

Protesters were able tell their stories to an Associated Press reporter, a man filming for Sixty Minutes, Susan Herold and William Vaughan of the Consumers Union, Tom Fussaro (Senior Legislative Assistant for Congressman Mike Ferguson, member of Subcommittee on Health), and many tourists who were viewing the White House.

The ICFDA wishes to thank Allan Routhier, MA Director for ICFDA, for organizing the protest, whose wife, Diane, shot herself in the head and died six days after being given Wellbutrin for stomach pain which autopsy showed to be gall bladder problems